My Most Favorite Field Trip

Coronado Beach!

This field trip was the best field trip I’d ever had in Palmer Way.  We were still getting ready and I was so excited. Then, we walked down to the lower field and our field trip was about to begin. All of our transportation were a public bus, trolley and ferry. After that, we were in Coronado Beach. All of us had a group and one adult so we did all of the things we did together.  Before we got to th water we all ate lunch. once we in the water we all got wet! So then we went to gift shops, went to Cold Stone Creamery to get ice cream, and took pictures every where we went!. Once it was time to go, we were so happy that we were talking and having fun on the way back.  At the end I was so relived I got through the day with a field trip and the most fun I’d ever had!


One Response to My Most Favorite Field Trip

  1. aprilpwg says:

    nice pictures cj I like the Conorodo pictures it felt like I was in there!!!! 🙂

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