Another Step in our Experiment

Today, September 22, 2010 in GATE, we   tested our last variable for our pendulums is, length. Every group had two different lengths (our group has the length of 170 and 200 centimeters which 200 centimeters took two yard sticks) So our questions were, “Where are we going to hang  the 170 and 200 centimeter pendulums? How are we going to measure it? Will it be too long for the release position?” So before we went home, Mr. Crosbie told us, ” When you go home, you should think about the answers to your big questions.” My specific question is, ” Where am my partner and I going to put the 200 centimeter pendulum?’ Still haven’t found an answer, but still thinking. Tomorrow, we are going to test all the pendulums and see if the length will be an affect in one of our variables.


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