Two Birthdays in One

On Saturday, two cousins of mine (Kiara D. and Khloe) have birthdays on the same day, but different time (their real birthdays were on Wednesday, but celebrated it on Saturday). So, we first went to my little cousin’s birthday (Khloe), who is turning 2 years old. We started to settle into the party and eat lunch. While we were having a great time, I found a one year old girl that had the same name as me!Then, all the kids went to the pinata and got candy. What we had to do was to pull a string to let all the candy fall. As the candy fell, most of the big kids got most of the candy, but shared with the birthday girl and the other little kids. Almost at the end of the party, everyone sang to the 2 year old happy birthday. Next, we went to Kiara’s birthday party. When we came, there weren’t that much people! Still, we had fun. About an hour or so, we started to go because it was almost midnight. At the end, it turned out as a fantastic day for me going to 2 birthdays in one day.


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