Special Help for Special Kids

Today (9/29/10) Vera, Clarence, Matrix, Raphaella, Alyssa A., Joseph, Leonard, and I (all 8 of us) went to help the special kids in A-8 (Ms. Moss). We went to different classes to go to so, Raphaella and I went to Ms. Black’s class with Daniela and an adult. Raphaella went to help the kids playing bingo, and I was help some people on the computer. It was really fun because I got to meet some kindergartener’s. Raphaella too! Once we got back to the same class as everyone else, we all started to talk about what we did and how much fun we had with the special kids.At the end there were lots of people that we were waiting for. In fact, Raphaella and I, were the first ones that came back to Ms. Moss’s class! I had a really great time meeting new people, having a great time, and mostly, having fun!!!


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