Hawaiian Spirit Day

At the beginning of school, Thursday, September 30 2010, was supposed to be two Hawaiian teachers to teach Mr. Crosbie’s and Mr. Clarken’s classes the hula. Half of Mr. Crosbie’s and Mr. Clarken’s class combined wore Hawaiian clothes, but the only is that we didn’t even get to hula! Instead, it started to rain in the morning. Then we all started to begin are every Thursday chess rotations. After that, almost the whole school had a black out. When people in  the center saw that the lights turned off, they immediately went in to one of the rooms. Then all of a sudden, all the people in Mr. Clarken’s classroom started screaming that we can hear them next door! There was also another different part of the day, we had lunched served to us in the class room! The food was alright, but still no electricity. A few minutes later, the lights, computers, and electronics started working again. Almost the whole day there was a black out, we had not rotations for chess at all, and that its like we had the whole ay inside because we didn’t go to recess or lunch recess! Now our Thursday Mile will be changed to Friday (just for this week).


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