Two Days of Fun

On Friday and Saturday I got to go to a lot of places. On Friday (10/2/10), I went to three places. My sister and I went to my cousin’s house for a while. When we got there we started to play twister. Most of us started laughing because of all the weird positions we had. We also went out side on the grass. Actually, we got there really quick because my cousin’s house has a public tennis court and it has a place where you can bike and so on. A little while after that,we suddenly played soccer. Once my other cousin came, we went to a their grandma’s house because it was their grandma’s birthday. On Saturday (10/3/10), I only went to Kiara’s house for her dad’s birthday party. All the all the adults were talking, on the other hand, all the kids started going every where. When my sister, MJ, and I came, it was like we were the last ones coming to the party. So we did a card game, Monopoly Dealer. It was just Kiara and I playing. Then all of a sudden, two other people wanted to play. There were lots of distractions because most of the little kids we running around and messing around with our game. So we kept on redoing the game, but it came to be that we could play anymore for all the people who want to play. So some people wanted to people’s hair, others want to play teacher, but MJ and I had to go home.


One Response to Two Days of Fun

  1. Kathrine says:

    hey cj! u wrote a lot on ur posts! im just sending peeps comments including u

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