Today in Gate

On Monday, October 4, 2010, I went to a morning class, gone through the day, and went to two parties at the end of the day. In the morning, at 7:00. I went to a special class where you can learn about anything your interested in. Most people played chess, some people were doing movie making, and others did Garage Band (special type of technology). It was the first day of the morning class, so Mr. Clarken told us that you can do any thing you want in the morning class. During school, we had our art teacher, which goes to our class after p.e. and every Monday. We started to do our powerful sentences. The fourth graders did sentences about the sun, and the fifth graders did sentences about the autumn. At 1:45, I went to Ms. Moss’s class to help with the special kids so Raphaella and I went to Mrs. Black’s class again. In Mrs. Black;s class actually had a birthday party. So they had enough to share with me and Raphaella. When I went back to class, my class mate, Clarence had a birthday party. This means that I had two parties in one day. It was really fun going to two parties, have a poet teacher, and having a very new morning class.


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