A Day With Art

Today, October 11, 2010, we had our usual art teacher every Monday. After P.E we did a poem, wrote some powerful questions, and had a chance to use cut out paper to make autumn trees. After we did art with Ms. Veronica Cunningham, the class did cornel notes about Balboa and Ponce de Leon for all the European explorers. Later, the whole class had to take the first test, but I didn’t get to finish it because I had to go help my little buddies. Raphealla and I went to Mrs. Black’s class (as usual) and did a board game and helped some kids out at the computers. Before that, we went to the computer lab and did our 5 paragraph response to literature on Coyote Goes to the Land of the Dead. What we had to do is that to put our writing on Zoho Writer so we can type our essay at home and other places. At the end of school,  I got called to go to the office to get my prize. I got a prize because there is a fundraiser where there is coupons and put in a raffle. We also have a chance to keep the mascot, Ziggy for a day because of all the participation in the fundraiser. After school, I went to Mr. Crosbie so I can understand the optional homework.


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