Another Nice Monday

October 18, 2010 I had a great Monday. I got to go to Mr. Clarken’s room for Shakespeare, go help the little buddies, teach beginner chess players, and as usual our art teacher Mr. Veronica Cunningham. I did a lot today that was fun, and got through the day being happy. At the morning class I go to I taught a beginner player at chess about beginning opening principles. This is going to happen every single Monday to get to know your partner and help them become better chess players.  What the class first did together was being with Ms. Veronica. We edited our work, wrote down our favorite questions, and turned in both papers to the intelligent art teacher. Then we went to the computer lab and I helped lots of people putting their heading the right and finished their response to literature. I would only help the people who are on zoho because it doesn’t have anything like that in any program. After that, we came back to the classroom and went to lunch recess. After lunch recess, I went to Mr. Clarken’s classroom and read about A Winter’s Tale by the person himself, the one and only William Shakespeare. William Shakespeare was a famous writer who was born at the right place at the right time. His work was incredible that lots of people all over the world knew about the famous William Shakespeare. Right after the Shakespeare,  I automatically went to help the little buddies at Ms. Moss’s room. At Mrs. Black’s class with my little buddies, we played bingo. Lots of people from Mrs. Black’s class had lots of. And so did I! I hope I have another day that I have exciting things to do.


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