Shakespeare Class

Today, the most favorite part of the day, was at Shakespeare class. What we are doing at Shakespeare is that we are reading the story called The Winter’s Tale so we can understand what is going to happen at the show. We have finished the story today and I noticed that there was a lot of deep, deep tragedy, honesty, and trust. The main characters are Leontes (King of Sicily), Hermione (Queen of Sicily – wife of Leontes), Polixnes (King of Bohemia), and Camillio (most trusted advisor for Leontes. In the beginning of the story, Polixnes has been in Sicily with his best friend Leontes for about a year. As Polixenes stays longer, Leontes thinks that there is a relationship with Hermione and Polixenes. As the story goes on, Leontes get angrier and angrier. So, he gets his best advisor, Camillio had tells him to poison Polixenes, but Camillio refuses. So Camillio went to Polixenes and would escape with him and be Polixenes’ advisor in Bohemia. Then as characters come along, Lord Antagonous and Paulina come into the story. Paulina tells Leontes that Hermione is pregnant, but sadly that didn’t work to take back Leontes’ thoughts. Hermione was taken away to prison. Sooner, as Hermione was pregnant, her baby was born, but it wasn’t right that they were still in prison because the baby shouldn’t stay there. Then Lord Antagonous and Leontes were having a fight to where the baby would go. At the end of the story, lots people died. Hermione, Mamillius (the son of Hermione and Leotes), and Lord Antagonous (from saving the young new born baby from harm). Now there isn’t anything left for Leontes and has ruined  his family. What I think the main


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