Saturday’s Party

Saturday wasn’t just a normal day, it was a day that I went to a party. Actually, it was a baby shower, but it really seemed like a good party. THe baby shower was a friend of my mom so they invited us. When I first came, there wasn’t really lots guests, although during the late night, everything started to be turning out great. In the beginning, my family and I ate lunch and and started to settle down into the party. Then, I went outside onto the backyard, and their backyard was huge! They had a basketball hoop, 2 dogs, birds, and lots of plants. When I saw the two dogs my dad told me that they related to our dog. They had a brown dog and a black and white dog. The brown dog was the mom and the other was the puppy (and the sister of our puppy). Anyway, lots of guests started to leave, before the rest of the guests arrived. At the late part of the party, I saw my friends Lauren and Jasmine. Later on, we started to play Wii and they played Just Dance. Once my sister got the hang of it, her friends played it over and over again until they started to sweat. Lauren’s baby sister was actually dancing along with them and it was really cute! Some adults were taking pictures to have great memories. They think baby will be named Christian Angelo Lopez. I know that this was definitely a good party!!!


One Response to Saturday’s Party

  1. verabpwg says:

    CAITLYN your one of the GOOD CITIZEN!!! In our class!!

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