The Greatest News Ever!!!

Today was the great day for me because I just got the new that I am the citizen of the month of October! I couldn’t believe I was picked. The bad news is that I have to replace myself with my classmates in the Big Buddy Program. The goods news about is that we come with the new buddies and show them our little buddies. The little buddies are the kids who need special needs. Although having that, I had an art teacher in class and did my explorer card to get finished. I was really proud of what I did, so I went and a lot of things with it. I put color in it, try different font styles, and had to change it up  a little bit because the whole class has to pick 1 of 2 to pick the back side of our cards. I really liked the cards I made because I had to get all the information, use my creativity, and to have fun with it making it look good. It was a challenge if we wanted to put color because it takes a while the exact color you want. Then, I after lunch, we did a relay race and it was between Ela, Christian M. , and Adrielle. No one knew who won, but people think it was Christian M. After school, I went to Saint Mary’s and learned more about church and Jesus Christ. If you want to know about the good citizens of October on Palmer Way Gate!!!!!


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