Thursday Mile

Today was the big Thursday Mile. In fact I was the 2nd girl to finish the Mile with 10 minutes and 41 seconds! I was very impressed how much I improved! Although, that wasn’t all. I also went and did the Primary Source about Hernando Cortez. I was graded on knowledge of the text, vocal projection, eye contact, body language, and flavor. This PrimarySource reading is going to be even harder than the others because all the people in class got up and presented their speech. I didn’t get my grade yet.but I hope i will get a good one. When I went up and gave my speech, I was video taped by Mr. Crosbie. I  fact, almost everyone today was video taped by Mr. Crosbie (my teacher). Later throughout the day, we went to the computer lab and did our lexile test (on the computer it is SRI). I didn’t really like my score because it was 896. Some people got 1000 so this means I need to read more. Since the whole school does this every 3 times a year I think I will be higher. At the end we put our backpacks with us to the cafeteria and did a meeting with all the Gate students. Mr. Crosbie and Mr. Claken both told their students of the week and the ixl’s performance, usage, and improvement. I am still third place but I am trying my very best to be #1 in IXL Math!!!!


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