A Day Before Halloween

Saturday, the day before Halloween, I had fun. On Friday and Saturday were the days I can’t forget  about! On Friday, I went to my cousin, Andrea’s house and celebrated Reman’s birthday (my other cousin). When I got at the house, there wasn’t much people there yet, but later on, there was more people coming. As I was saying, when I got there I went and said hi to everyone and started playing. Reman ( the birthday boy) was upstairs and playing games. His younger brother, JB was with my cousin Andrea on the computer. Kiara  and Mark weren’t there because they were at Fright Night, which there first time being there. It was sad they weren’t there because they missed out a lot. Then, we ate downstairs, and there was: tacos  with cheese and lettuce, pizza, fried chicken, and cake. It was like a big feast with the whole family! After, all the late guests arrived and also had a good time. My other cousins, Darrel and her big sister were playing twister with us and was very, very confusing because all of the people wanting to play. At he end, we sang happy birthday to the birthday boy, Reman. And everyone left and went home. On Saturday, I went to the Westfield mall and got my costume, saw a great new movie, and got a birthday present for my 11 year old cousin. My whole family of four saw a movie together that was about an owl having his dream come true. wanting to go  to see a guardian in person and seeing his hero. Then, my mom and I went to get a birthday present to my cousin Amber who is turning 12 years old. After that I got my costume at the store Spirit Halloween. My costume is a royal vampire and I was going to wear it when I go tricker treating. When I tried it on, it was uncomfortable, but once we fix it then it will feel better. Again a day before Halloween and happy tricker treating!!!!!


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