First Day of November

Today, November 1st 2010, I had a good day at school. First, at the beginning, I went to the lower field and did a long p.e. Actually, it wasn’t that tiring. Later on, Mr. Crosbie told us to get in a group of three. Then, we assigned each group to read the passage and everyone in the group should understand the text. Then, every group will be told to presentate our presentation and will be graded in categories. Every person in a group of three will only have one grade o their presentation. Then it was time to go to Shakespeare class and learn a part of the play on the Winter’s Tale. The little passage was talking about Hermione and Polixenes when they were young princes. Then, we had to partner up in twos and one person is A and the other is B. The A’s were Poixenes, the B’s were Hermione. All of us said the lines over and over again until Mr. Clarken (Gate teacher, Morning class teacher, and Shakespeare teacher) said to stop and read as as group. Before lunch, the whole class went to the computer lab to finish our explorer cards which will be due on November 2nd when Mr. Leo will becoming (Mr. Leo is our art teacher for every Tuesday. Then Shakespeare class ended and it was time to go. Before I went home, I was going to go to Ms. Sandoval’s class to turn in  the permission slip to go to the party. The party was for the people in Mr. Payumo’s and Ms. Sandoval’s class last year for doing good on the CST ( California Star Test). Which will be going to be held in C-8 on November 4 Starting at 1:00-3:00 pm. Although I didn’t have my paper so I had to get a new permission slip from Ella.


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