November 3, 2010

Today was a hot, hot day, although I had a fine day to start off with. At the beginning of school, I went to the chess, morning class and of course did chess. I played bug house with my 3 other class mates, Kiara, Vera, and Saul. I was against Kiara and Saul, and I’m with Vera. We lost because Vera helped the other team and actually wanted to lose. Although, I wanted to win, at least that I tried. After the math class, I went to breakfast with Kiara. Right after that, I went to Ms. Sandoval’s classroom and gave gave her money to get something for the party on Thursday, November 3, 2010. Then when school started, we did independent reading and started on our new response to literature and used a new story on Pollyanna. After that, I went to Shakespeare class and saw a video about the scene that we learned about. Almost at the end of school, there was an announcement. And Ms. Patty, the speaking, said that there is a lock down, we have to go home in a line and leave with permission to a teacher, and we are going to get out of school by buildings. It was chaotic when I went home because it was crowded and was full of parents trying to get their children, and having so much traffic. All this was still a good day and going to go to a party and looking forward go to the assembly  for the citizens of the month!!!!!


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