Shakespeare’s Play

Tuesday night was the time when all the people that were in Shakespeare got to go to the Old Globe theater. When I got to the Old Globe Theater at downtown. I was nervous if I was going to be late or not although I was so excited that it was my first time seeing a Shakespeare’s play. When I got there what I first saw was Mr. Crosbie telling when all of us were going to leave, what were we going to do and etc. Lots os people took pictures, got their tickets, and buying drinks and snacks. I was so excited to go inside and know the language if the play and learn more about the play. As you know the play is The Winter’s Tale. I was amazed of the play and was smaller that I thought it would be. Anyways, in the middle of the play, the was an intermission (which means that that everyone had a chance to take a break. Then the play stated again. At the end of the play, everyone gave around of applause to the people who acted out the played and bowed. Everyone immediately went to go home and take a break. I had a great time and hoped that others liked it too!!!


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