First Day of Report Cards

Today was an exciting day for me because I got an awesome report card!!! On Monday, November 15, 2010, at 1:25, it was the conference of my report card. When I walked into the room I was nervous of what he was going to say. When I was listening to what he said I was glad that I was going to have a good report card. The only thing he wants me to improve in, is in having a conversation with him because he says that I am really shy. Also, he has recommended 3 schools for me. Also, he told me to read, read, read to get my lexile to over 1,000. Those are: High Tech Middle  School, Preuss (UCSD) Middle School, and Hilltop Middle School. They were all interesting. Then, right after my conference, it my sister’s turn. Her substitute, Mrs. Brady, was telling my mom that she talks a lot during class, but she has done a very good job n school work. The only thing she has to work on, is to stop talking in class. The first day of report cards was great and was nice to now what I needed to work on and what I’m really good at.


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