The Thursday Mile

The Thursday Mile we had to run the mile and had to do boys vs. girls relay race. First, was the Thursday mile. I got a to beat my own time, and girls won he relay race the third time in a row! When I ran the mile, I had been a little sick for a while so, I didn’t want to run that fast. My new time was 10 minutes and 39 seconds. Then, there was the relay race, boys against girls. It was first Larissa in for the girls and Michael for the boys. The boys always plan their way for winning, but it just a game! Then it was my turn to run. What I have to do is touch the tree ad run back. I was going to race with Dahn Jay, but the boys, especially Adrielle, switched Dahn Jay and put Stephen instead. Since girls didn’t have that big of a lead, I was a little scared. I started running. And all I think about is that I am alone, and I am winning the person against me. I past Stephen right when I touched the tree and was confident that girls were going to win for sure. That actually happened and girls for the third time in a row!!!


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