CCD Feast

At CCD we had a big feast! Everyone brought what they wanted to eat and they were able to sit with their friends and talk to each other. We also had A christmas performance in each class. There weren’t that many people to perform so we ate early. We had Pizza, spaghetti, brownies, cupcakes, and etc. Lots of people wanted  seconds and lots of food ran out so quickly. When I went to get food, I saw lots of my family members, like my cousins, uncles, aunties, and friends. I had lots of fun. I even saw my teacher last year from CCD. I had lots of fun tonight and will remember it the next day.


3 Responses to CCD Feast

  1. LeeAnn says:

    I am feeling stuffed just reading about all the food you ate! What is CCD? Maybe you should do a post about it; it must be pretty important for there to be such a big feast!

  2. Matt Crosbie says:

    That is great that you got comments already. Keep up the postings!

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