The Finals! =)

Tomorrow is the Finals and I have to play Ela!!!! I am so worried that I might even be able to win the tournament! I know that sometimes when we play she wins and sometimes, I win. So, you ca be able to tell that it is really challenging for me to win a chess tournament. I hope I can go home with a trophy tomorrow. Although, either way I will still get a trophy for 1st or 2nd place. I hope no ones’s feelings will go down because it is a hard match. It can be a hard match because you will never know when you might get a big advantage, or either get a stalemate and start all over again! I can’t practice a lot at home because I don’t have a chess board. My dad, some of my classmates are counting on me, so I am tring my best to practice and win the Intermediate Chess Tournament. There are other chess game finals for the beginners and the advanced. In the beginners tournament, Angel and Katherine have to play a chess game. Also, in the advanced tournament, Jedrick and Shane are playing a chess game. Who will win in each match. I hope I can win the Intermediate Chess Tournament!! =)


One Response to The Finals! =)

  1. Matt Crosbie says:

    Make sure to take aboard home over the break. Good luck tomorrow.

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