The Semi-Finals!

The Semi Finals for the chess tournament is heating up! Some people are counting on me to win it, but it is challenging! I first beat a third grader Daniel. Then, I beat Ellisian at the third round, and now, I am in the Semi-Finals in the Intermediate Chess Tournament! I really have to practince to win the trophy and try to beat my opponent, Dahn Jay. I heard he’s really good, but they don’t know who’s going to win. I am so excited that I get to be in this chess tournament for so long. I also saw that other people like Kiara (my 5th grade classmate) had to play Isaac (a student in Mr. Isaac’s class), Ela has to play someone at the semi-finals, and who knows who’s going to win! Link here to see the brackets of all 3 competitions.


One Response to The Semi-Finals!

  1. Matt Crosbie says:

    You played a great game today. I love how you hooked his queen. You can do it! Practice you end games. Here is a good link. , you try to win within 50 moves.

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