I Won in Intermediate!

I can’t believe I won in the Chess Intermediate Tournament! I had to go against Ela for being the Champion, but it was worth it. I had a good strategy and I was happy that I won. I was also happy that Ella was in the finals. When the games started, all of the chaElla and putting my pawn all the way to the end of the board to get a queen. Then, it was my time to get Ella in checkmate. In the inside, I was excited to get back my queen and use the rook and queen checkmate. The advanced game was finished first and the beginner match was longer so it was intense. After all the games, there was the time to give away the trophies. It was first the little speeches and then there was the time to give away all the trophies. It first started off with the beginner trophies and then, it was the intermediate’s turn. After Ella getting her trophy, it was my turn. Everyone cheered and shouted to get my trophy. THey also took pictures of everyone. I really like chess and without Mr. Crosbie and Mr. Clarken, I wouldn’t be able to win the Intermediate Tournament. Thank You Very Much!


2 Responses to I Won in Intermediate!

  1. ciera says:

    Congratulations Catilyn

  2. Matt Crosbie says:

    That move to draw her Rook out was simply brilliant. You deserve the NUMBER 1 title and trophy.

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