The First Day of Vacation

The first day of vacation was great. I got to go see the movie called The Chronicles of: Narnia The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Today I also met my classmate Jedrick at the movie theaters. The movie was great and there was a sad ending (as always). After that we ate lunch and walked around the Plaza Bonita Mall to around at some stores. After that we went home and played on our Nintendo Wii. I also went on the Palmer Way Gate website to look at Comments4Kids and see who else put their blog on the website. Other people like Marishanea, Kiara D, Kiara C,and Saul wanted to go and step up to the plate and try to be one of the first ones to be in the 1 to 1 computing. It is when you sit in your desk at school and have a computer right in front of you. It’s really cool and we might be able to get it after the break. I am really looking forward to it.


2 Responses to The First Day of Vacation

  1. Matt Crosbie says:

    The one to ones will be great. Just waiting for them to deliver the computers.

  2. Caitlyn i see you had a whole bunch of fun today. And yeah I am going to particeapate in 1 to 1 computering.

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