Christmas Day

Christmas Day was like the best Christmas ever! When I woke up from bed I saw a lot of presents. When I looked in my stocking and I saw a lot of things that like. Then I opened this big present that was right behind me and it was a bike! I was really happy and, but my dad said he was going to assemble it the next day.

My family and I went to a party at LA and celebrated Christmas with my dad’s side of the family. We went to my other auntie’s house and celebrated Christmas there, but we didn’t open presents there because we’re going to open presents at my house. Everyone started to eat because there was a lot of food.   When I went to my aunties house I saw this piano that can play by itself without anyone playing on it. Turns out, the piano is connected to the computer so it can play whatever the person wants it to play. At first I thought it was a little weird, but a little later on in the party, I thought it was cool to have a piano like that in the house. Later in the party, it started to be crowded and I thought there were to many people around the house. Then when my cousin, Kiara and I went upstairs, the little kids were playing in a room that looked a little like outer space because the fan looked like the earth, there were planets and the sun connects to the ceiling that were right on top of his bed, and his bed looked like it was in space. All the little kids were in this room and had fake swords. When we went back down stairs, I saw that some people wanted to see the Laker game, but T.V has been acting up. So, my uncle hooked his computer to the T.V and the Laker game was on. Later on in the party, everyone all came out of the house to have a family picture. We all cam in our positions and we had someone put a timer on the camera so everyone can see the whole family.  Before everyone left, we all sang happy birthday to my dad’s brother whose birthday is on Christmas.

Later on Everyone left and went to my house to open all the presents. Everyone had to go back to their house because the had to get all the presents ready for everyone. While everyone had something to do it was time to give out all the presents. My mom said to open my gifts later after the party. Then when everyone was about to leave, we all sang happy birthday to my mom because it was midnight and December 26th is my mom’s birthday. At the end, everyone left. When every one left, I opened my presents and I thought this was the best Christmas ever!


5 Responses to Christmas Day

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