Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was when I celebrated Christmas with my mom’s side of the family. When I first came in, there weren’t that much people and looked like the party didn’t even start! When all the family guests arrived, we started to eat and settle down in the party. When everyone was done eating, the adults said that it was time to open the presents. When it was time to open my present from my grandparents, I got a chess board. Also that was just what I wanted! I also got a mood watch. Oh, and the chess board I got was part of the other 11 games because it’s a 12 in 1 game board set! So I can play other games than chess. My other cousins who got presents were happy of what they got, and me too. After all the presents were opened, it was time to play the adult games. The adult games are Secret Santa and the White Elephant Game. It was fun to see the White Elephant game because my mom wanted my auntie’s present, but my auntie didn’t want to give it away. Still, she had to open or either steal a present. A few hours later we left and went home.


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