On Thursday I did my presentation, went to chess class, did the mile,and spent time to do a Math 24 tournament. What I did first was going to chess class in the morning. It was the second to last day until the end o chess class so I was a little sad for the announcement. We played chess and after that I ate breakfast. Then once the bell rang at school, the whole class (including a different class) started to do the mile. The mile in our school (Palmer Way) is 5 laps and can be tiring for most people. Other people did the super mile. The super mile is when a teacher leads the way and some ofthe students run the super mile all around the school. Later on for P.E, we did a little game. After recess, I did a presentation about properties of metamorphic rocks. If you would like to see my presentation, go to the “Zoho” page. Anyway, after the presentation I went to go to another teacher’s room to start the beginning of the Math 24 Tournament. We started to warm up while others were warming up too. The point of the whole tournament is to make 24 with the 4 numbers by using multiplication, division, addition, and subtraction. I beat my 6th grade cousin and had to compete with my classmate who was hard to beat. I  lost, but I went a long way. So that was my day in school!!!


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