Back From the Opera!

We are back from the opera! 😀 So, when I came to go to the opera, I was so excited to see everyone! Once I saw most people came, I saw Mr. Crosbie and Mr. Clarken. When I saw Mr. Clarken, I saw that he wasn’t wearing any shoes. Right before we went into the bus, some of the parents took pictures. After that, We went into the bus and went to the San Diego Opera to see, Turandot. When we went down the bus, I saw that there were many, I mean Many people from different schools. I saw that there were people from Chula Vista, San Diego, San Ysidro, and of course, National City. We all got in a line and got our tickets. It had Mr. Clarken’s name on it and the seat number was the day of my birthday! I was actually surprised to see that. We all went into the building and my class went up all these stairs to get to the seats we were going to sit on. The Opera was about to start and I was starting to get really happy to see an opera show for the first time ever. The show was about to start the first act. The intermission (the time where the cast gets to get ready for act 2 and ending of act 1) didn’t take long. While there was an intermission, my classmates, Ela and Kiara C. and I went to see the big chandelier that was huge. If you would want to the chandelier link here. Anyway, act 2 was great. When we came out of the theatre and outside of the building, it was crowded and was happy to see the opera. At the end, we went back into the bus and went back to the school (Palmer Way) to go back home.


2 Responses to Back From the Opera!

  1. aprilpwg says:

    it was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. aprilpwg says:

    its a huge chandelier yeah and act 2 was awesome

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