I’m Sick

Today I’m sick. Which means I have fever that didn’t feel good. I had to stay home in bed and try to rest so I can feel better. I didn’t want to stay home. I wanted to go to school and not to miss one day, but my parents told me to stay home. I wish I could go back to school as soon as possible!!!


8 Responses to I’m Sick

  1. aprilpwg says:

    now we only need stephen to have perfect attendence

  2. Christian M says:

    hey cj, sorry you’re sick. If you come on Friday then you don’t wear uniform and mrs. hernandez is giving out ipod shuffles. hope you get better 😀

  3. Marishnae says:

    we miss you and cantwait for you to come back. I really hope you get better.

  4. april says:

    get well Cj!!! ☺

  5. aprilpwg says:

    i hope you get well!!! Haha we know wha getting sick means!!!

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