It’s Monday

It’s Monday, again! Welcome back to school everybody. Now that the weekends are over, it’s time to go back to school. Went back to school and did some things the normal way and did some things differently. We did p.e in the morning and did silent reading time after that. When we came from lunch, we did something different. We compared the steps to the perimeter of a rectangle on the blacktop. We compared the length of Mr. Crosbie’s feet and my feet. This means that we were comparing Mr. Crosbie’s feet and my feet, which were way, way smaller than Mr. Crosbie’s feet. So, the measurement of Mr. Corsbie’s perimeter of feet was 38. My measurement of my feet were 52. That was a really big difference. When I got from school, I saw my sister, she didn’t go to school because she has a fever. She wasn’t really feeling well so my mom decided to let her stay home for the day until she feels better. I did my homework and got through the day. See you tomorrow Palmer Way Elementary!!


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