Love’s Labour’s Lost- Shakespeare


Love’s Labour’s Lost is pur latest Shakespeare play! We’re going to see it on Monday with most of the GATE class! Anyway, The title is an alliteration (words that have the same beginning letter) and is hard to figure out what the play is about, but when we read the summary and talked about the play, we knew what it ment. Love’s Labour’s Lost means that ‘all the work (love) for nothing (left)’. So far in class, we read the summary, acted out some scenes from the play, and we have a quote to memorize for homework. Can’t wait to watch Love’s Labour’s Lost at the Old Globe Theatre! Don’t Miss Out!


Coronado Day Tripper


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Coronado Day Tripper was great!! We did the same thing as last year, but it felt more fun and better! The second time we came, we used public transportation: (like the first time) the bus, trolly and ferry. Every body got a chance to get wet and have a great time! The GATE classes also got to look around the area, buy souvenirs, and buy their own lunch. Everyone couldn’t be able to go anywhere without the chaperons (parents). So, in both classes, parents got the chance to come with their son or daughter to the trip. At the end, both classes had a great time at the Coronado Day Tripper!