Fright Night!


Happy Halloween! Hope you guys had a great time at Palmer Way with the annual Fright Night! Fright Night is a to have a great time for Halloween. It was also made to help the sixth grade camp! If you came to Fright Night, I hope you had a great time with your family and friends!
Happy Halloween! 🙂




Happy Father’s Day!


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Wishing all dads a happy father’s day!

Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing


Much Ado About Nothing is coming to the Old Globe Theatre! This time there will be 2 plays planned, but we are learning and understanding the story. Everyday, after P.E, Shakespeare people go to Mr. Clarken’s class and silently read until we begin. Then for a little while, we get into certain group numbers and act out a highlight from the play. Can’t wait until we have enough knowledge of the story and can watch the actual play at the Old Globe Theatre!

Field Trip!


Today’s field trip was at University City High School!!! There were a few Palmer Way Gate students, two teachers, and 1 extra parent for transportation. The students were: Vera, Kiara D, Reinalyn, Adrielle, Stephen, Maricela, Matrix, Hana, Joseph, Katherine, Vanessa, Patrick, Jiaro, and me. The two teachers were Mr. Clarken and Mr. Crosbie. We helped some 10th and 11 graders how to make their own blog and how to work out their own websites for their assignments. We helped two classes for two periods. We also had free pizza with drinks. I also presented to the two classes for the example of another WordPress Website. When we went into the groups of 2 to 3 people, we showed them how to make their own post, links, pages, and extras. I think it was a great experience and should come back next time.



I put up new websites on the science links, so check them out!!!!

Age of Exploration

American Revolution

Changes in Matter

Earth’s Water

Earth’s Weather

Human Body


Solar System

Types of Matter

Walking Field Trip!!


This week, there is going to be a Thursday waling field trip. This is especially for the rockstars because they are going to perform for Ira Harbison! Here are important things to remember before the field trip:

  • rockstars fo not need to wear uniform
  • Mr. Clarken and Mr. Crosbie’s class will not do the mile
  • have to come before 8:00 to attend walking field trip or will not be able to attend
  • will be going at 8:00 and will be coming back around 10:00 (around recess)