First Week of School!


The first few days of sixth grade doesn’t really feel like the first days of school. This year of school is different, because everybody knows each other well enough to be in the same class! Since its a GATE Program, the new six and fifth graders don’t feel wired getting to know a new teacher or classmates. Anyway, we already went to a Shakespeare play (Much Ado About Nothing), studied the west side of the US for a test, and did the Thursday Mile in just the first week of school! We also saw the new seventh graders from Granger at school and at the Old Globe Theatre. Well, I’m already looking forward for the Day Tripper and the other Shakespeare play coming up!




Happy Father’s Day!


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Wishing all dads a happy father’s day!

Bye 6th Graders :(


Goodbye Six Graders! 😦 Its sad that all the six graders are leaving Palmer Way. Hope you guys can come visit us at school and keep on doing the Rockstar Program with us. Never forget us 6th graders! 😦

Shakespeare: Much Ado About Nothing


Much Ado About Nothing is coming to the Old Globe Theatre! This time there will be 2 plays planned, but we are learning and understanding the story. Everyday, after P.E, Shakespeare people go to Mr. Clarken’s class and silently read until we begin. Then for a little while, we get into certain group numbers and act out a highlight from the play. Can’t wait until we have enough knowledge of the story and can watch the actual play at the Old Globe Theatre!


Do Your Best